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Y PPA Manager [Actualización]


Ha sido actualizado Y PPA Manager, una buena herramienta para gestionar los PPA en Ubuntu y Linux Mint.

Esta es la lista de cambios de la nueva versión:

[box color="yellow" icon="new"][list style="bullet-purple"]

  • new "Install packages" item in the main UI that lets you quickly install packages (if you already know the package names). Separate multiple packages with a space. This python script was contributed by Lorenzo from atareao.es (thank you!)

  • when you search for packages in Launchpad PPAs, you can select to install some packages directly from the search results dialog (from the search results dialog, select a PPA and click "List packages", then select some package(s) and click "Install") - if the PPA isn't already added on your system, it will be added and then the selected package(s) will be installed using the new "Install packages" python script mentioned above, that comes with a GUI, so the user can see if any errors occur. This makes it easier and a lot faster to find the package you're looking for, add the PPA and install the package (for an even faster experience, the PPA source is updated using "update-ppa", a feature added in Y PPA Manager

  • a new "PPA status" column in the basic search and advanced search results dialog that lets you know if the PPA is already added on your system or not. Feature inspired by PPASC

  • Search results dialog: when searching for a package (in deep search only), Y PPA Manager displays its version if it's installed, or it lets you know that the package is not installed.

  • "Remove duplicate PPA sources": display which PPA sources are duplicates and also, display which PPA sources are about to be removed

  • Other minor changes and fixes, like for instance setting a proper name for the indicator when using HUD



Y PPA Manager

Con Y PPA Manager podremos:

  • Buscar paquetes en todos los PPA de Launchpad.

  • Listar y descargar paquetes de un PPA.

  • Agregar y remover PPAs de nuestra source.list

  • Hacer backups de los PPA y lógicamente poder restaurarlos.

  • Además soporta quicklist en Unity

Para instalar o actualizar a Y PPA Manager en Ubuntu necesitamos agregar este PPA:

[box color="gray" icon="eye"]sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/y-ppa-manager
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install y-ppa-manager[/box]

Un vídeo mostrando los cambios en la versión:

[youtube width="500" height="300"]xtgJMkzTn38[/youtube]

Fuente: WEB UPD8

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