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Sofa Statistics 1.2.0


Sofa Statistics 1.2.0

Ya se encuentra disponible la versión 1.2.0 de SOFA – Statistics Open For All – una buena aplicación para crear estadísticas y analizarlas, teniendo además la posibilidad de crear vistosos reportes para imprimir y ver en pantalla.

Esta última versión tiene como principal cambio la capacidad de poder exportar en formato PDF gracias a un plugin (cuesta U$S 10).

Sofa Statistics 1.2.0

Esta versión trae demás otros cambios:

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  • Scatterplots can have more than one series e.g. different coloured male and female dots on same plot.

  • Individual columns within a data display report table can be sorted. This is extremely useful for checking your raw data, looking for anomalies before analysis.

  • Report tables of summary statistics e.g. mean, median, sd, now show the measures across columns instead of down rows. This makes it much easier to compare results and notice difference.

  • Numerous changes to layout and functioning to make SOFA easier to use. For example, the demonstration tables displayed when configuring report tables now use real data instead of random data if the data source is small enough to make updating fast. And the “Show Results” button becomes “Add to Report” when report tables are able to use live data for examples (and the “Add to report checkbox” is hidden). Add to report now defaults to False and remembers the last setting throughout the user session. And some standard GUI items have been repositioned to increase the logic of placement and speed of use.

  • Added IQR (Inter-Quartile Range) to the Row Stats Table.

  • Can now do a boxplots of a single variable (not requiring a variable for it to be By).

  • Now save and show cropped matplotlib charts.

  • Scatterplots are a better size.

  • Excel importing copes with faulty dates better and tells the user where the problem is.

  • Filter dialog now checks if user wants to apply a filter when the settings haven’t been changed. Prevents inadvertent filtering to null.

  • Better font sizes in auxiliary clustered bar charts (matplotlib).

  • GUIs no longer update if the user selects the same database as is already selected.

And there have been plenty of useful bug fixes too:

  • Fixed bug when more colours are required for auxiliary clustered barcharts than in the css.

  • Fixed bug re: linked images with non-English characters not displaying in GUI html window (still issue if user relying on IE6).

  • Fixed bug which made report tables widen if the title or subtitle was wider.

  • Fixed bug where removal of filter in the charting dialog would change third variable dropdown to the last value it had when the filter was applied even if it had subsequently been changed to the Nothing Selected value. The default values are now updated everytime the dropdowns change.

  • Now a guaranteed consistency in series colours across charts even if a series is missing e.g. the middle one, from one of the charts.

  • Misc bug fixes for stats tests where no variability. Better user messages.

  • Independent variable tests cope with new lines in text values.

  • Histograms all get title case titles if no value label instead of upper case.

  • Fixed bug when filtering results in no group a and b values possible in indep2var analyses.

  • Fixed histogram width issue esp if wide numbers e.g. 12000 is wider than 12.

  • Fixed css display problem in webkit internal browsers.




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