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Calibre 0.8.63 añade soporte de temas


Calibre 0.8.63

Calibre es un gestor y organizador de libros electrónicos, que permite la conversión de los formatos de archivos para libros electrónicos más utilizados.

Está programado en los lenguajes Python y C, y es multiplataforma, ya que permite ser ejecutado en GNU/Linux, Mac OS X y Microsoft Windows.

Calibre 0.8.63

Ha sido actualizado a la versión 0.8.63 con varios cambios, siendo el más notorio el soporte de temas.

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New Features

[list style="bullet-purple"]

  • E-book viewer: Allow quick saving and loading of viewer settings as 'themes'.

  • Ebook-viewer: Add a restore defaults button to the viewer preferences dialog

  • E-book viewer: Add simple settings for text and background colors

  • Add an entry to save to disk when right clicking a format in the book details panel

  • ODT metadata: Read first image as the metadata cover from ODT files. Also allow ODT authors to set custom properties for extended metadata.

  • E-book viewer and PDF Output: Resize images that are longer than the page to fit onto a single page

Bug Fixes

  • KF8 Output: Fix bug where some calibre generated KF8 files would cause the Amazon KF8 viewer on the Touch to go to into an infinite loop when using the next page function

  • News download: Add support for <img> tags that link to SVG images.

  • Update podofo to 0.9.1 in all binary builds, to fix corruption of some PDFs when updating metadata.

  • Catalog generation: Handle authors whose last name is a number.

  • KF8 Input: Handle html entities in the NCX toc entries correctly

  • Fix a calibre crash that affected some windows installs

  • MOBI Output: Normalize unicode strings before writing to file, to workaround lack of support for non-normal unicode in Amazon's MOBI renderer.

  • EPUB Input: Handle files that have duplicate entries in the spine

  • Fix regression in Kobo driver that caused the on device column to not be updated after deleting books



Podemos instalar o actualizar a Calibre 0.8.63 en Ubuntu agregando este PPA:

[box color="gray" icon="eye"]sudo add-apt-repository ppa:n-muench/calibre
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install calibre[/box]

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