lunes, 6 de agosto de 2012

Audacious 3.3 actualizado – Como instalarlo en Ubuntu 12.04


Audacious 3.3

Hace unos pocos días ha sido actualizado el reproductor de música Audacious.

Audacious está basado en BMP y XMMS y recuerda al popular y legendario reproductor de música para Windows llamado Winamp.

Es compatible con los formatos de audio más conocidos y soporta el uso de plugins y pieles.

Audacious 3.3

Si tu propósito es solo escuchar música y no te gustan los reproductores tan pesados, esta es una excelente opción.

Esta es la lista de cambios de la versión:

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New/Removed Plugins

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  • The GIO transport plugin is now enabled by default, supporting ftp://, sftp://, and smb:// URI protocols.

  • The LIRC plugin, which was up till now missing in the Audacious 3.x series, has been made to support GTK+ 3.x and is back.

  • A new output plugin has been added for OpenBSD’s sndio audio system.

  • The old OSSv3 output plugin has been removed.

Other Improvements

  • A global hotkey can now be assigned to raise/focus Audacious.

  • The main preferences window can now be accessed from the status icon.

  • The MPRIS2 server plugin (used by e.g. GNOME 3’s media player indicator) now supports seeking and getting/setting the volume.

  • Ogg-encapsulated FLAC (.oga) files are now supported through FFmpeg.

  • Settings for album art fetching and the song info popup have been gathered into a new page in the Preferences window. The song info popup now appears in the GTK+ interface as well as the WinAmp interface.

  • The appearance of many dialog windows throughout the program, especially those used for plugin settings, has been made more consistent through the use of the PluginPreferences engine or GtkDialog.

  • Plugin names can now be translated to the user’s native language.

Changes since 3.3-alpha1

  • The FLAC plugin now supports higher quality files (24-bit and surround).

  • Audacious is now officially under a two-clause BSD license. Some plugins are still under other licenses, however.

Changes since 3.3-beta1

  • The playlist resume feature is now accessible from the Winamp Classic interface and the playlist manager.

  • Over-amplified audio can be made to sound better by the use of a new “soft clipping” option.

  • The close buttons on playlist tabs in the GTK interface can now be hidden.

Changes since 3.3-beta2

  • Some problems with compiling Audacious on FreeBSD 9 have been fixed.

  • The AAC plugin no longer overrides the “continue playback on startup” option



y gracias a la gente de WebUpd8 que han subido los paquetes a su PPA, podemos instalar o actualizar fácilmente en Ubuntu 12.04 ingresando las siguientes lineas desde un Terminal:

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sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nilarimogard/webupd8

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install audacious audacious-plugins



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