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Fotoxx 12.06 | editor de imágenes


Fotoxx 12.06

Otra nueva actualización de Fotoxx, una excelente aplicación de edición de imágenes muy sencilla de usar y con características más que interesantes:

  • Posibilidad de navegar por carpetas de imágenes usando miniaturas.

  • Posibilidad de importar imágenes RAW directamente de cámaras fotográficas.

  • Cortar y dimensionar imágenes.

  • Rotación.

  • Remover ojos rojos con un click.

  • Corregir problemas de perspectiva.

  • Variar intensidad de los colores y escala de grises.

  • Transformar fotos en dibujos simulados.

  • Juntar 2 o más imágenes para crear una imagen panorámica.

  • Agregar etiquetas, fechas, etc. a las imágenes.

  • Seleccionar imágenes desde la ventana de miniaturas y quemarlas a CD o DVD (con Brasero).

  • Varios idiomas entre ellos el español.

Fotoxx 12.03

A partir de la versión 12.02 solo podrán ser usadas bajo GTK3, por lo que en Ubuntu solo podrá ser ejecutado en Ubuntu 11.04 y posteriores.

A continuación la lista de cambios:

[box color="yellow" icon="new"][list style="bullet-purple"]

  • Thumbnail files are now .jpeg instead of .png. Initialization after a new install is about 40%
    faster, and thumbnails are 1/3 as large. Tools > Synchronize Files must be done to implement.

  • There are now three thumbnail options: no thumbnails, thumbnails in the image
    directories (as before), or use a designated thumbnail directory.

  • The Spanish and Galician translations were updated (as of version 12.05).

  • Package exiftool version 8.60 or later is now required (Ubuntu 11.10 or later).

  • New: List geotag groups (city, country, date, image count), click on a group to show a
    thumbnail gallery of corresponding images, click thumbnails to view or edit.

  • User-added and revised geotag locations are now separated from the downloaded set,
    to make them easier to keep when changing computers or Linux releases.

  • Geotag search for "null" can be used to find images with go geotags
    (also within other search criteria such as date or tags).

  • New: "Voodoo" retouch function improves most images with one click.

  • Flatten Distribution: prevent "banding" in monotone bright areas.

  • Rotate function user interface was improved and made more responsive.

  • Keyboard shortcuts can be revised and new ones added by the user.

  • Stop popup messages from getting hidden behind other windows.

  • Block "save to file" if an edit dialog is active (because of unpredictable result).

  • Edit history log was moved from EXIF:EditStatus to EXIF:ImageHistory (de facto standard).

  • Metadata reports now use EXIF tag names instead of tag descriptions.
    These are what is needed to directly edit metadata.

  • Slide Show: added a continuous loop option (last goes back to first).

  • Trim: a new option was added to start automatically for each new file opened.
    This helps work through a batch of new photos more quickly.

  • Trim: a convenience button was added to do Rotate and then return to trim.

  • The [prev] and [next] buttons pre-load the next file ahead of need.
    This can speed-up sequential viewing of images on a slow computer.

  • F11 now toggles the main window to full-screen (no menu/toolbar) and back.

  • Bugfix: geotag retrieval failed with photos from some cameras.

  • Bugfix: Keyboard shortcut T (for Trim) caused a crash.



Pueden actualizar o instalar esta versión con el paquete deb correspondiente:

[one-half last=no]

[box color="green" icon="box_down"]fotoxx-12.06-i686.deb[/box]


[one-half last=yes]

[box color="green" icon="box_down"]fotoxx-12.06-x86_64.deb[/box]


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