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Emesene 2.12.5 con modo de ventana única


Emesene 2.12.5

Emesene 2.12.5

Emesene, el cliente IM que soporta MSN, Gtalk, Facebook chat y Jabber ha sido actualizado a su versión 2.12.5, siendo sus principales cambios el soporte de ventana única y soporte de conección directa en la transferencia de archivos.

Les dejo a continuación el total de la lista de cambios:

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New features:

  • single window mode, like skypetab-ng, for all your docking needs

  • direct-connect aka fast file transfers are now implemented in msn, emesene will listen on 6891 (and subsequent, if needed) when receiving and will try to fallback gracefully to slow file transfers in case the bridge fails. Please remember this feature is tied to your network configuration, so if it works or not it doesn't depend entirely on emesene.

  • Multiple-points-of-presence with msn: connect everywhere and manage all your endpoints

  • SleekXMPP is now the default library for gtalk, facebook and other xmpp services.

  • You can open mail in your desktop client, if you want


  • Too many to list here, but we fixed all the exceptions that have been reported in the bugtracker. And they're TONS. And of course, not only that.



Podremos instalar o actualizar a Emesene 2.12.5 en Ubuntu 11.10, 12.04 y 12.10 agregando este PPA:
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sudo add-apt-repository ppa:emesene-team/emesene-stable

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install emesene[/box]

Via: Web Upd8

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