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Cairo-Dock 3.0.2 [Actualización]

Cairo-Dock 3.0.2

Aprovechando el sábado que tengo un poquito más de tiempo (hasta que juegue River) sigo subiendo entradas referidas a programas interesantes que se han actualizado.

Es el caso de Cairo Dock, un excelente dock para GNU/Linux que con su versión 3.0.2 soluciona algunos bugs encontrados:

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  • Core: [by Fabrice Rey & Matthieu Baerts]

    • Main GUI: Fixed a crash when hovering group buttons too quickly

    • Main GUI: The dialog and preview didn't appear when hovering the button

    • Accelerators: On recent distro, 'Control' key is now called 'Primary'

    • Icon Mgr: Added a mutex because of occasional crashes with gtk_icon_theme_lookup_icon

    • Icon Mgr: Don't call a 'change-icon' callback when clicking or scrolling on an icon, and trigger an unneeded animation on the icon

    • Dock Mgr: Avoid emitting an 'enter' event when not needed

    • Class Mgr: Fixed 2 typos (special case for kdesu and not kdes)

    • Class Mgr: Remove launching options (%U) in quick-list Exec command

    • Dialogues: Prevent closing the dialog unexpectedly when clicking on it, if the click is actually inside the interactive widget

    • Background: When set to 'always visible', applets' background couldn't be turned off

    • Added a workaround for the Unity-panel which has a wrong window type

    • Po: Updated translations: thanks to all contributors


  • Plug-ins: [by Fabrice Rey & Matthieu Baerts]

    • AlsaMixer: Fix: double-clicking did nothing if we didn't open the menu of the applet

    • DND2Share: Pastebin: Their public API is no longer available -> ported to the new API

    • GMenu: Fixed a bug that made sub-menus be too small, and therefore have to be scrolled + code cleaning

    • Logout: When the menu is reversed (top dock), select the last item so that it's the same as the normal menu (ie, the 'shutdown' item)

    • MusicPlayer: Prevented a warning message: when changing song, we don't receive this value: Position => no need to display a warning message each time

    • MusicPlayer: Allow recently played files in the menu (Recent-Files)

    • MusicPlayer: Fixed a bug that prevented the player from being launched the 2nd time in some cases

    • MusicPlayer: Added raise and quit methods in the menu when the player is in the systray (without that it's hard to display the window

    • MusicPlayer: Used toggle buttons for Shuffle and Repeat properties

    • Recent-Events: If the file doesn't exist, don't display it in the 'Recent Files' menu

    • Recent-Events: Prevent doubles in the menu list

    • Po: Updated translations: thanks to all contributors  (added Croatian)

    • Shortcuts: Fixed a small bug with bookmarks (extra new lines were disrupting Thunar)

    • Status-Notifier: Added the marshaller for the XAyatanaNewLabel signal

    • Systray (old): Force the icons size to 24px, to avoid buggy programs to display their icon with a wrong size

    • Third-party applets: Reposition their right-click menu, so that it's the same as a normal menu (on top of the icon and no scroll needed)

    • Fix 3.0.1 regression: GMenu, Switcher, Quick-Browser and Terminal: CAIRO_DOCK_FORCE_ICON_IN_MENUS was not defined in plug-ins (these applets didn't contain any icons except if 'menus-have-icons' [gd]conf key was enabled)


  • Tarballs:

    • Core: https://launchpad.net/cairo-dock-core/3.0/3.0.2/+download/cairo-dock-3.0.2.tar.gz

    • Plug-ins: https://launchpad.net/cairo-dock-plug-ins/3.0/3.0.2/+download/cairo-dock-plugins-3.0.2.tar.gz



Si eres de los que no se adaptan a Unity esta puede ser una muy buena alternativa ya que después de instalarlo te permite  iniciar una sesión usando el panel y el dock ambos sumamente configurables) suministrados por la aplicación.

Lo podemos instalar en Ubuntu (desde Lucid en adelante) agregando su PPA oficial:

[box color="gray" icon="eye"]sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cairo-dock-team
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install cairo-dock cairo-dock-plug-ins[/box]

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