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[Actualización] Pragha 1.1.0 – Reproductor de música


Pragha 1.1.0

Pragha es un gestor y reproductor de archivos de música muy ligero, escrito en C, basado en GTK y que usa SQLite para la organización de los datos.

Es un fork de un proyecto denominado Consonance, que fue abandobado por su autor, por lo que se creó un nuevo proyecto denominado Dissonance dando origen a Pragha Music Manager.

shot tiny [Actualización] Pragha 0.98 – Reproductor de música

Aunque consume pocos recursos. Pragha nos proporciona muchas características de programas de este tipo más pesados como soporte para Last.fm, editor de etiquetas, soporte para listas de reproducción, búsquedas de letras, etc.

La versión 1.1.0 viene acompañada de muchos cambios:

[box color="yellow" icon="new"]

Suggest import XDG_MUSIC_DIR to library on first start thanks to Pavel Vasin.

Merge playlist and radios on unique library view pane.

Add option to make aproximate searchs using a levenshtein distance.

Add a new menu option to copy tags of selection in current playlist.

mpris: partially implement AddTrack thanks to Pavel Vasin.

Add support for gstreamer 1.0 thanks to Pavel Vasin.

F9 to show/hide the sidepane.

Add --log-file/ -l command line option to log debug to a file.

Others Changes:

Depend on gtk 2.22 and glib 2.26

* Remove some hackings to prevent deprecations.

* This to remove dbus-glib-1 soon maked as obsolted.

* Until now: Only migrate utils to gdbus thanks to Pavel Vasin.

Follow fdo Icon Naming Specification thanks to Pavel Vasin.

Reorganization of the main menu (Love and hate here;).

* File menu change to Playback and adds the random and repeat options.

* Edit menu change to Playlist, and adds the options to add files, audio CD and locations.

* Preferences are now found in tools.

The initial window size and cols width is set dynamically according to the screen size.

Bugs fixed:

Don't use gnome media keys if keybinder available.

Remove unnecessary execution permissions.

Utils: remove another redundant cast.

Fix xdt-autogen warning.

Close the dialog "Open files"immediately, and do not block gui when adding many files.

Fix cmdline description.

mpris: fix setting Shuffle property.

mpris: fix setting LoopStatus property.

Don't store unused reference to GOptionContext.

Free some strings at exit.

backend: a bit simplify volume code.

Build: don't use deprecated AM_CONFIG_HEADER.

Now anything that you drop to the playlist remain where it was dropped.

Use more generic function to avoid duplicate code.

Unref notify osd when close it. Remove unnecessary g_strdup.

mpris: fix yet another memory leak.

mpris: save a few bytes.

tags: fix rarely crash in edit dialog.

menu: simplify show_controls_below_action().

librarytree: assert prefix found.

librarytree: Use the numerated node_type directly.

Also set bold the year label on tag edit dialog.

init: fix potential memory corruption.

menu: fix memory leak on opening files.

menu: don't delay add_recent_file.

menu: fix another memory leak on opening files.

Ensure some functions don't modify their args.

Fix passing libraries in wrong order to the linker. See issue #29

Free struct con_gst at exit.

backend: fix gobject runtime warning.

Center the main window if no have saved a potition.

Insensitive correctly some options of radio and playlists menus.

Fix disable libxfce4ui on configure.ac.

Updates Translations:

Update Rusian translation thanks to Lazy_Kent.

Update Czech translation thanks to anespor.

Update some others tranlations in transifex.

* Excuse the translators, who lost their names, but thank you very much!.


Podemos instalarlo en Ubuntu 12.04 gracias al trabajo de la gente de Getdeb.

En el caso que no tengas agregado el repositorio de Getdeb, deberías agregarlo primeramente descargando este paquete deb

Luego puedes instalar Pragha 1.1.0 desde aquí

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