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Sofa Statistics 1.1.5 – Software de estadísticas [Actualización]


Sofa Statistics 1.1.5

Ya se encuentra disponible la versión 1.1.5 de SOFA – Statistics Open For All – una buena aplicación para crear estadísticas y analizarlas, teniendo además la posibilidad de crear vistosos reportes para imprimir y ver en pantalla.

Entre sus principales cambios se encuentra la posibilidad de rotar verticalmente las etiquetas del eje horizontal

Sofa Statistics 1.1.5

Además se han solucionado varios bugs:[list style="bullet-orange"]

  • Fixed small bug stopping column labels displaying in data table view.

  • Fixed bug in recode operation which would wipe the table if any errors at all where encountered trying to turn the user recode config into SQLite update clauses.

  • Fixed bug in getting structured data e.g. for line charts, where a user names a field freq and thus has a conflict with my own freq field. Renamed the internal use field _sofa_freq to prevent collisions.

  • Creating user’s default proj file now copes with apostrophes etc in user path e.g. /Users/Jim’s/etc.

  • The project dialog now displays the default report and css details saved with it from previous occasions.

  • Project settings are only applied if the project is selected – they are not automatically triggered by changes when configuring a project.

  • Multi-line values entered into data cells e.g. variable label settings, automatically have the line breaks converted into spaces. Prevents errors in display of data e.g. in single line text boxes, and problems storing in python scripts (EOL error) etc.

  • Fixed bug where the first SQLite database in a project was assumed to be the default sofa database even though it might not be. Now possible to link to multiple default databases e.g. testing copies etc as long as simple naming convention followed.

  • SOFA now rolls back to last good database connection if a failure.

  • Fixed strange bug where default database would lock if made a new table, then looked as design, then tried to write to the database e.g. importing, editing data. Just refreshed cursor after updating demo table design and problem gone.


Pueden usar el paquete deb de su página de descargas, para instalar o actualizar en Ubuntu.

[box color="red" icon="support"]En el caso de actualizar desde una versión anterior, por favor leer detenidamente la advertencia para no perder datos.[/box]

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