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CherryTree 0.26 [Actualización]


CherryTree 0.26

CherryTree es una aplicación que nos sirve para tomar notas haciendo uso de un árbol jerárquico, que además puede ser usado como editor de textos.

cherrytree main window code CherryTree 0.25.1

Se encuentra disponible la versión 0.26 que trae esta lista de cambios:

[box color="yellow" icon="new"]
• added text formatting superscript, subscript, monospace and h3
• h1, h2 and h3 formatting is now automatically applied to the whole row
• the switch between rich text and automatic syntax highlighting for the nodes is now simpler
• the dialog to choose the file storage type is now file extension oriented
• it is now possible to configure the default rich text foreground and background, so is for the tree
• the horizontal rule inserted characters are now configurable
• the TOC now includes h3 and can be created also for the whole tree
• the links anchors size is now configurable
• fixed several bugs
• we have now a complete manual of the application linked at help–manual (great job from Robert)
• WARNING: documents edited with a version >= 0.26 cannot be edited again with a version < 0.26

Podemos instalar CherryTree 0.26 en Ubuntu con este paquete deb:

[box color="green" icon="box_down"]cherrytree_0.26-1_all.deb[/box]

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