jueves, 19 de abril de 2012

PAC Manager llega a la versión 4.0


PAC Manager

Se ha vuelto a actualizar PAC Manager, un magnífico gestor gráfico que nos permite manejar más amigablemente conexiones SSH / Telnet.

dbimage 10 PAC Manager – Conexiones SSH en modo gráfico

Está escrito en Perl/GTK y esta es la lista de cambios de esta nueva versión (4.0):

[box color="yellow" icon="new"]

. Added "Scripts". Yeah!!! The only *good* thing that SecureCRT had and PAC did not, has just arrived to PAC Manager (but much better, of course!) Check out all sample scripts provided, and let your imagination do the rest!
. PAC Scripts are written in Perl, and the built-in editor has syntax highlighting (if 'libgtk2-sourceview2-perl' is installed) and checking
. Modified the DEBIAN package dependencies list: rdesktop, xtightvncviewer, cu and remote-tty moved to "Recommended" section of Debian package
. PCC Multiline <PIPE:...> and <TEE:...> algorythm modified: added <PIPE:cmd:prompt> to allow user choosing the output pattern to match for end of cmd execution detection
. Added an option to move the connections tree to the right side
. Added an option to prevent the connections tree from appearing on mouse over
. Modified the login string for SSH in order to use the "-l" parameter, to allow using "@" in usernames
. Added a routine to add 'pac' to Unity's systray-whitelist (enable systray ICON!!) You need to restart your X session (or Unity) for changes to apply
. Substituted the "*ALL PAC TERMINALS*" cluster by a checkbox
. Better management for <PIPE:cmd[:prompt]> PAC variable
. Fixed a bug that made the "xfreerdp" option unavailable
. Added "libvte9" as dependency
. Added right-click options for new PAC variables (UUID, DATE_x, ...) to many entry boxes
. Fixed some minor bug


Podemos instalarlo en Ubuntu con el siguiente paquete deb:

[box color="green" icon="box_down"] pac-4-all.deb[/box]

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